Hello and welcome to “Physiatriki” Rehabilitation Unit,

“Physiatriki” Rehabilitation Unit is a comprehensive pioneer rehabilitation services healthcare giver.

“Physiatriki” Rehabilitation Unit offers medical and rehabilitation allied services in patients who suffer from bone, muscle, neural system diseases aiming to the maximazation of their functionality.

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“Physiatriki” Rehabilitation Unit function is interdisciplinary model based,  patient’s centered, gathering a variety of sessions in the same space (except aqua therapy) so as full access is capable as needed.


Most common cases Chronic pain and Sports Injuries. You do not need to suffer any more from headache, lumbago, back pain, neck pain, shoulder tendinitis, tennis elbow, trochanteritis, jumper’s knee, Achille’s tendinitis, heel spur. We are here to you to help you.


Physical Rehabilitation Medicine is a medical specialty (combines Internal Medicine, Neurology, Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation knowledges) which aims to the functional rehabilitation of the person who suffers from a deficit, disability or a handicap as a consequence of an injury or a disease of the Musculoskeletal or Nervous system. Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine goal is patient’s return in his Activities of Daily Living with the maximum functional level that is possible and an improvement in his Quality of Life.


Pain management programs are based on the interdisciplinary functional rehabilitation model, in  constrast with the simple medicine prescription of the conservative medical practice.

Along with training experience in the famous Center of Pain Management of Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and with an harmonically cooperation with its colleagues we can support you in any kind of your chronic pain problem.

“Manage your pain before it manages you…”


Targeted Radiofrequency Therapy (TR-Therapy) transfers high frequency electromagnetic energy through the tissues of the body creating selective tissue hyperthermy. Thanks to this mechanism patients experience instant pain relief, muscle relaxation, edema reduction, tissue regeneration and healing.


The world’s most innovative K-LASER cube 4 Dynamic Therapy, including the optimal range of 4 wavelengths and due to its unique and exceptional Intense Super Pulse modality, allows you to select the right frequency modulation and the average power for analgesic treatment, low frequency, to the highest for the biostimulation accelerating an increase in blood circulation, tissue regeneration, tissue elasticity, muscle relaxation and pain relief perfectly suitable to treat all the pathological conditions in sports injuries and musculoskeletal pathologies.


Extracorporal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) is an innovative therapy that transmits acoustic energy waves into targeted tissues of the body where an inflamation or a muscle spasm is in progress. Body answers with an increase in blood circulation and metabolism accelerating the self healing process of the organism. Shockwave therapy promotes pain relief, inflammation control and tissue regeneration.