1. 1. Platelet Riched Plasma injections (PRP)

What is PRP?

Platelets are well known for its participation in blood cloting. When they are activated in the body they release healing proteins which are called grow factors. grow factors  act synergically accelerating injury rehabilitation process.

  • Autologous plasma riched with platelets is platelets concentration inside a smal volume of plasma. Platelets are the mean for grow factors transmission (PDGF,TGF-β,IGF,EGF,VEGF) which support multiplation of fibroblasts, boneblasts, and vessels cells, aiming tissue healing accelaration (collagen, tendons, muscles, ligaments, bones, skin).
  • PRP can be combined with Extracorporal Shockwave therapy and K-Laser Therapy

PRP technique indications:

  • Osteoarthritis, tendinitis, partial tendon rapture, muscle strain, joint sprain, joint inflammation, Diabetic ulcers, Pressure ulcers.


  1. Cellulitis

The acoustic wave therapy is successfully modified to the clinical needs of cellulite therapy increasing skin elasticity. Therapy can be combined  with  diet and specific exercise program.